How to Drive Your Company's Growth

I recently came across a great article that hammered home EXACTLY why companies use Spectrum.  The article wasn't about our industry, it was actually about the Logistics/Fleet Management industry, but many of the points they made are exactly why our customers have Spectrum help with their Wireless and Fixed Voice & Data services.

This paragraph sums it up exactly:

"What explains such a strong embrace of third-party expertise, even among smaller companies that often take a do-it-yourself approach to most facets of the business? The simple answer is that businesses understand that they can't do it all themselves, and that outsourcing yields significant benefits that not only solve near-term headaches but also pave the way for long-term growth."

In our world this is so true.  Recently we had a client hire us to manage their 1,000+ device cellular plan.  Before Spectrum this task fell on the IT department.  Yes the IT department understands cell phones, their function and how to repair many issues. But they do not and don't want to understand the billing and plan features.  For this client we were able to take the following off their plate

  • Plan management - We are proactively managing the usage of all of their devices.  In the past this was done after the fact when the bill came in the mail.  This caused many overage charges ($3-5,000 per month) and constant plan changes.  By our team working on this project we were not only able to eliminate overage charges, but also save money by lowering the plan on months where the usage was well below their plan allowances.  
  • Help desk - Imagine if you will your IT manager being in the middle of a HUGE server issue, but constantly getting interrupted by requests for device upgrades, cracked screens, etc.  We took this off the plate of their IT department.  Our Help Desk was able to navigate all of these requests and the only time the IT manager heard about them was when a request came through that required authorizatoin to spend money on an upgrade.
  • Savings - This was covered by our 1st point above, but we did this also by evaluating past bills and getting this customer on a plan that better fit their needs.

In this article they cover exactly what we preach as why to use Spectrum

  • Tapping into expertise - We work with these Cellular and Land Line companies EVERY DAY.  We see thousands of client bills and understand the industry like no one else.  As great as your staff is, they will never have access to the industry knowledge, insight and intel that we do, and they shouldn't, otherwise they are missing something on their actual job.
  • Financial advantages- Our clients save THOUSANDS per month, some $10,000+ per month.  Enough said :)
  • Growth through better customer satisfaction - In our case the satisfaction will be from your team. Whether it's the IT department or accounting, they'll love the weight we take off of their shoulders.

Click the link below and read the entire article.  I'm sure you'll find many ways to apply these principles to your business.