New iPhone Model = Transferring Data

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone our phones ring OFF THE HOOK for 2 reasons;

#1 - Our help desk is flooded with calls about how to transfer data to the new phone.  This is fine, this is why we're here and why companies have hired us.  We're able to quickly help these employees of our customers and take the burden off their IT department.

#2 - IT departments call realizing they should have hired us a WHILE AGO!  We get this call way too often. It's an IT director we've spoken with numerous times and they've been on the fence about hiring Spectrum. Then they get blitzed with hundreds of phone calls about iPhone upgrades, data transfers, etc.  Now for weeks they are stuck doing this task vs. solving IT issues.  If they had Spectrum on their side these calls would ALL be routed to our help desk and they would not be disturbed.

So now let's talk about the data transfer.  It's not a difficult task for many of us, but there are many of your employees who are not "tech savy".  If that's the case, click the link below and email them this article, good luck :)

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