Considering BYOD or COPE? Choose COPE.

Taming mobile device expenses in the workplace has been an ongoing challenge for many organizations. They can’t be ignored, not only because everyone has them now, but because integrating them into your employees’ workflows delivers proven benefits to their productivity.

The old-school model of providing a device that can only be used for company business is both inefficient and unpopular with employees, who often end up carrying a second phone or tablet for personal use. In response...

Is BYOD Right For Your Company?

The “bring your own device” (BYOD) model is a trend that more companies are turning to for a seemingly quick fix for their mobile device strategy. But, is it really the right fit for your company? More importantly, is it really saving your staff time and your company money? There are many things to consider before entering into this type of agreement with your employees, and many questions to answer before making that decision:

  • How much is the stipend? And, will it cover all...