Cincinnati Business Courier Ask The Expert - Outsourcing

Recently I received an email from GoDaddy that said I needed to spend $340 to renew my account. A few years ago, I probably would have clicked the link and paid this bill out of fear of messing up something on our website. This time I forwarded it to my outside marketing consultant. It turns our we only needed to spend $64 as the rest of the fee was an up-sell.

Why am I telling you...

Spectrum Inc. helps a Midwest company CFO save $42,000 annually

It might seem odd, but savings was not the priority for this client.  The main goal was to outsource the commodity so that the staff could concentrate on what they are good at.  The CFO of this company believes in outsourcing any area that is not a core competency to the company.  We control what we do well, we outsource what others do better than us is his mentality.  This is a mentality that more businesses need.  Too often companies find...